Saturday, 13 October 2007

The beards

Well - we have decided to take part in Stanley's beard competition!
We wont reveal the current length of our beards (for competitive reasons you understand....)
but here are some photos to give you a taster...
1st up - Gertrude. (above) Does she get a concession for only having had one year in which to grow her beard?? We like the way her beard can be fashioned into a sharp point - it gives her an aristocratic touch.

Next up - it's me, Miss Molly. Once again, is there a concession for having to put
up with a little pup trimming my beard for the last 10 months?? I used to have a fine long beard,
but it is only just about taking shape again after Gertie's stalwart efforts at de-bearding me - hmmph!
So - what's the verdict? Do you think we will stand a chance??
Also today, on other matters, we had a fun afternoon wrapping ourselves up in blankets and pretending we were off camping.

We strolled around with our blankets on our backs, then had a little wrestle together, then checked what was going on outside - all the while be-blanketed.
Then we lay down and had a cosy little sleep, with our blankets curled up around us.
We like Saturdays!

Here is our big girl Gert guarding the house -
doesn't she look fierce..?! (she thinks so)

I thought I had better give her a hand - I am her big sister after all (that's me in the red)!

Today we also went to the post-office with K, to the park, a walk around the block AND to a wildlife park for a run-around - phew, no wonder we are tired and looking forward to our baskets tonight!
AND we even had a bath PLUS our beds were all washed and cleaned - what a day!

Love Molly and Gertrude


Stanley said...

Hey, girls!

Those are some mighty fine beards, there! I must say you are bringing your A-game to the table. I also respect the fact that, for competitive reasons, you will not be revealing your current beard lengths, so you are on the honor system here (if you want to be considered for the "most growth" award ~ if you are only entering the overall "longest beard" award, no problem).

I'm a little wobbly and my bravado is flagging a little after viewing your formiddable beards, but I will carry on. May the best beard win!!

Goober love and smooches,

Harry said...

Don't you look cuties in your blankies! Nice beards too.

Toodle pip,

Harry x

Molly and Taffy said...

Molly and Gertrude you certainly had a busy day. Are you busy trying to get your beds back to how you like them just as we are?

Molly and Taffy

Maggie & Mitch said...

Nice beards, Girlz! You may very well pass right by me in length seeing as my beard seems to have stopped growing! Mabye it's stress?? Maybe mom is measuring it too much?? I think I'd better get some Rogaine!

Love ya lots,

Noah the Airedale said...

Beards are looking mighty fine gals. Willow & I are impressed although we think we might be in a spot of bother. Maybe a little fertilizer will help it along. I know where I can get some. Oh sorry, just thinking out loud. Back to your blog, you look snug and warm in your blankies. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy

Super Dale and The Bear said...

Girls, your beards are going great, and you look cute in your blankies. Harley loves her blankie too. Ellie just shakes hers off and then plays with it.
Love Jo xxx
The Dale and The Bear xxx

Caz said...

guys your beards are coming on a treat. Love the blanket thing, I love to do that with towels, I can manage to rub alaong the radiator and drag the towels off onto my back, then parade around the house like a king hahahahaha


Mojo said...

beard-tastic! Can't tell how long mine is for all the goop I've got in it. A sultry mix of canal ooze and rawhide chew spit.