Sunday, 30 September 2007

We got this award from Ludo - thankyou so much!
We are very grateful to all the people and Dales who
gave us the inspiration for our blog.

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Big Day Out!

Today we met up with our two Dale friends Oak and Ash - they are none other than Teddy Rocket Man and Mindy's brother and sister - how cool is that??!

Here we are all waiting for John to throw a stick in the river for us - Oak and I were having swimming races to get the stick, but Gertrude and Ash just stayed on the bank to watch.

We wonder whether we can persuade K and P to get a couple more Dale friends for us.....??!
It looks as though they could easily manage it!

We zoomed around liek crazies......most of the photos came out blurred!

Oak and Ash waiting for me to get to the river bank to try and get my stick!

Oak waiting patiently.....

Phew - after our mad runs and swims we all sat down at a pub on the river and had lunch - fish and chips!!

Here is Oak and Ash again - aren't they lovely?

Love Miss Molly and Gertrude

Sunday, 23 September 2007


Well, it was Gertrude's 1st birthday a couple of weeks ago and one of her presents was a bubble-gun that blows bacon-flavoured bubbles (great idea Thuglets, thanks!)

Now, the next thing is for me to master the trigger myself so that when K and P are out we can have some real fun!

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Watching the mist rolling over the tors on Dartmoor, swimming in the sea at Branscombe......oh what a wonderful life!

Hello - it's the girls from Devon!

HELLO! We are so excited to be starting our own blog as we have lots of Dale friends who already have them and and we felt it was about time we joined in. We are Molly (sitting in the photo) and Gertrude (lying down in the photo) and we live in Devon with our humans Kate and Paul. I am almost 3 years old and Gertrude was 1 just last week - we have lots of stories, adventures and photos to share with you as we are really active girls! I am a sensible, gentle pacifist by nature, whereas Gertrude is proving to be a right naughty little bossy boots - she always grabs onto my beard or legs if she wants something from me (I hardly have any beard left since she arrived...) and I always give in. Anything for a quiet life (although secretly I admit to quite enjoying a good wrestle with her - but if I always look as though I am losing I get all the sympathy too, so I'm not that silly!) Over all, I'm really happy to have a little sister but goodness is she hard work at times. I LOVE licking her ears inside and out, so she's good for one thing at least..... My favourite thing is running and swimming - I could win awards with my swimming as I am pretty good at it now. Gertrude isn't so keen about the water yet, though she has had a go....but I don;t think she'll be winning any awards any time soon....what a splash she makes!!