Sunday, 3 August 2008

Sad to see Shane go home.....

Well - Shane's owners came to collect little Shane this afternoon
But for a couple of days we were the Three Amigos
Look at his cute little face.......

We hope to see him again some day soon

In response to all your comments - yes, we did get some rest!!

Love from Molly and Gertrude


Saturday, 2 August 2008

Shane pup came to stay!

Little pup Shane has come to stay with us for THREE nights!! Yippeee!
Look at us all together - such good Dales......

Shane hasn't met Gertrude before. They certainly seemed to like each other straight away!

What shall we do with him Molly?

Shane tagging along like Gertrude's shadow

Play with me Molly!

Well, this little puppy likes to play rough and tough! We have spent most of the time charging around with him jumping on us one by one. He is like a little kangaroo!

We love having somebody extra about to chase us with our toys!

Just look at this little pup go.....
First he picks his victim.....
Then he exerts his puppy power.....
Help me Gertrude, I'm going down.....!
Ok, I'm down! (Molly - he is only half your size!!)
Finally the little pickle settles down, cheeky thing
Thank gooodness for that - he does sleep sometimes

I think I'll just sit up here for a while out of harm's way and recharge my batteries.

It is fun having another little puppy here to take out on walks and play play play!
Love Molly, Gertrude and little Shane