Saturday, 17 November 2007

Our VW Camper van holiday!

Hello everyone! We have just come home after a week away -
camping in a VW Campervan!! The van was a lovely old girl
called 'Jackie Brown' and we had some great times driving
around North Devon and Exmoor in her!
The weather was perfect - we love autumn.

We did lots of big walks - some were 17 miles long
but the way we run backwards and forwards
we think we probably ran about 100 miles this week!

Here is the coast path near Lynmouth.....
We loved looking out of the windows and showing everybody how
pretty we are!

Sleeping arrangements were interesting.....most nights it was so cold that
daddy had to wrap us all up in blankets and
tuck us in so that we were all snuggly.

Exmoor is full of pretty little villages like this one.

Just checking my reflection!

The light is just beautiful at this time of the year
Sometimes I sat up on the seat in the van so I could watch
the view as it whizzed by
Gertrude preferred to be up front to oversee the driving

Daddy giving Gertrude kisses after a long walk!

Wow! The morning mist was so beautiful.
More photos to come........(below)!!

Camping Holidays continued!!

Here we are crossing the clapper bridge at Tarr Steps....

We loved bounding through the woods chasing pheasants - they were
EVERYWHERE! They make such a silly noise! Here is Gertrude up high on a bank
in the 'pheasant woods'.
The camper could be pretty cosy!

We went to Dunkery Beacon on Exmoor - it was a long old
trudge to get there but worth it for the view. It was the perfect clear day
with brilliant blue skies!

Everywhere we went it was so pretty - the golden light and fallen leaves
really set us off don't you think?

One day we had lunch sitting under this great oak tree - in the photo mummy is
giving me some of her lunch, lucky old me!

Driving across Exmoor - the little camper was great and
never let us down.

We even had got a new wax jacket each - we have never owned a coat before,
but it was really cold so we needed them! Gertrude looks rather dashing wearing
her new coat and daddy's flat cap!

The new coats being tested out!

Our little van winding her way along.....
Gertrude (winking!) and mummy sitting in the VW van -
we were sad to say goodbye to her at the end of our little holiday!

Until the next holiday.......
Love Molly and Gertrude

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Wubba Wubba Wubba!

In addition to our post earlier today - we wanted to write about our Wubba for Noah.
These photos were taken in the summer this year -
before our Wubba went to the great Wubba-world in the sky....
But we did have a great time playing with it with daddy!
Wubba tugga

Tired after too much wubba-ing

Broken Wubba. Oh well.

So Noah - if your Wubba is still going strong with four of you playing with it -
we salute you!

There's a bear on the stair...

Me and my bear are still getting along fine. I like to sit at the top of the stairs with him - then I can keep an eye on the front door at the same time. You never know who might knock....

I have always liked sitting at the top of the stairs - here is an old photo of me and Gert when she was a squirt standing guard.....

And here we are now in the same position - looking very very shaggy though!
(that's my bear there too) When we think we are about to go out for a walk, we stand here expectantly, waiting for the sound of our collars - and then RUN headfirst downstairs as fast as we can!

This is a long diary post today as we have not written for so long.
We have been having such lovely autumn weather - sunny, crisp and cold -
here I am basking in the golden light.

And here I am looking very very muddy! We went out for a lovely run on Dartmoor whoch is one of our favourite places to go walking. It was so quiet and still - there was nobody around for miles.

Here is Gert prancing in the grass! She has her funny ways does that girl!

We found this big rock and jumped up to get a better look at things.

It was such a beautiful day.
Here we are with our daddy just looking out at the view.

We love Dartmoor so much - it is food for the soul and we get to run and run and run and run and run and run and run.................!!
Molly and Gertrude