Saturday, 20 October 2007

The woods!

Happy weekend everybody!
Gert can fly!!
We had a fantastic day in the woods with K today.
It was a beautiful autumnal day - so pretty -
with golden leaves floating all around us.

Here's Gert running back after taking off after a
squirrel in the woodland.

We didn't catch anything - we never do -
but it's fun trying!

For some reason we had to have our photo taken
infront of this tree. Who wants to sit down when
there's fun to be had and places to run?!

I found myself a nice chewy stick - yum! Gertrude did try to
steal it from me, but I told her to get her own. Pups, eh?!

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Measuring Up

Ok, ok - we hadn't realised that there were TWO elements to this beard competition, we just thought it was the longest, to enhance our chances we are also entering the 'most growth' competition too - and this requires measurements! We hope that's ok with you Stan?!

So - our vital statistics....... We have made a special beard-ometer for reference purposes. Can you see how optimistic we goes all the way to 14cm!

At the moment, it looks like we are on a level with the Aussie Dales, Noah, Willow and the gang - both our beards are a good 8cm long - yippee!

These photos are both of me, Molly - Gertrude just wasn't playing along today so you'll just have to take our word for it - Dales honour.

8cm each.......come on - let's see what you others are made of!!

Our daddy says he loves his bearded girls - (that's me and Gertie by the way...!)

Love Molly and Gertrude xx

Saturday, 13 October 2007

The beards

Well - we have decided to take part in Stanley's beard competition!
We wont reveal the current length of our beards (for competitive reasons you understand....)
but here are some photos to give you a taster...
1st up - Gertrude. (above) Does she get a concession for only having had one year in which to grow her beard?? We like the way her beard can be fashioned into a sharp point - it gives her an aristocratic touch.

Next up - it's me, Miss Molly. Once again, is there a concession for having to put
up with a little pup trimming my beard for the last 10 months?? I used to have a fine long beard,
but it is only just about taking shape again after Gertie's stalwart efforts at de-bearding me - hmmph!
So - what's the verdict? Do you think we will stand a chance??
Also today, on other matters, we had a fun afternoon wrapping ourselves up in blankets and pretending we were off camping.

We strolled around with our blankets on our backs, then had a little wrestle together, then checked what was going on outside - all the while be-blanketed.
Then we lay down and had a cosy little sleep, with our blankets curled up around us.
We like Saturdays!

Here is our big girl Gert guarding the house -
doesn't she look fierce..?! (she thinks so)

I thought I had better give her a hand - I am her big sister after all (that's me in the red)!

Today we also went to the post-office with K, to the park, a walk around the block AND to a wildlife park for a run-around - phew, no wonder we are tired and looking forward to our baskets tonight!
AND we even had a bath PLUS our beds were all washed and cleaned - what a day!

Love Molly and Gertrude

Friday, 12 October 2007

My Birthday Bear!!

Hello everybody,

It was my 3rd birthday today and you would never guess what my birthday present this year was....Go on.....Have a guess......

A bubble machine?

Nope - Gertrude got that for her birthday...

A new Squeaky Red Boot?

Nope - but would have been nice (Gertrude killed that too)...


Nope - I get them anyway.....

ummm - what could I possibly want most for my birthday........?


I am a really lucky girl. My new bear is almost as good as my last bear, if not better!

Love Miss Molly

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Well - we were having a good old think about who we wanted

to pass this award onto, and we have chosen.......a joint award to

Molly and Taffy and Alf and Mindy!

We love your blogs!

Mol and Gert


Wednesday, 3 October 2007

My Teddy Bear

Now let me tell you about my bear.
I have loved and sucked and cuddled this teddy since I was a pup -
I can spend a good few hours just sitting there sucking it, in a trance.
I love my bear - here he is looking quite fluffy....
But - over the months and years I have worn him down a little,
he had no eyes or nose, one ear and half his body was made up of thread after K has had to fix him....and he got lots of washes!

BUt then Gertrude arrived. I have been protecting my bear ever since she has been here, and doing a fairly good job of it - she had him a few times, but nothing that wasn't fixable.
Then, the other day THIS happened.....

She swears it wasn't her......

Poor poor bear, my best friend for almost 3 years, in the rubbish bin.
I made sure Gertie got what was coming to her - naughty little pup.

For now, I have been given a 'temporary bear' but he isn't the same. It's just not fair. I wish I wish I could have my old bear back.......

Love Molly