Saturday, 26 July 2008

It's getting hot!


It has been quite hot these last few days and we were beginning to look a little woolly,

so daddy decided to get the clippers out......

Gertrude certainly looks rather relaxed about it!

And THIS is why!

Because she knew daddy was transforming her into a

beautiful stylish young lady.

Look at her pose!

Is this my best side?

And me? Well, I thought I looked pretty good too!

Gertrude again....

Love from two smart summer Airegirls

Molly and Gertrude


(ps - it was daddy's birthday last week - a big one apparently.....

Happy Birthday daddy)

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Strange things arrive....


What's this then.......?

This funny big black thing arrived at our house the other day. Gert was a little scared of it (she's scared of anything that moves) but I reckon we'll get used to it.

Daddy told us it was where our little brother will sleep and sit - and the best bit about it is, it means he can come out on big walks with us - yippee!

Some of our frineds have told us that the big black tray underneath is where all the puppy treats will go, so we'll just have to wait and see about that.
You see - Gertrude did get brave enough to come and sit next to it for the photo.

Here I am having a little natter and nose-poke with my baby brother. We do bark at him quite a bit, so he'll know who we are when he arrives. I think he knows me quite well already!

Do you like my close-up?? Mummy and daddy finally got a new camera that will take nice clear photos of us without blurring. Apparantly it is the same as the Thuglets' camera - and Molly and Taffy's - so it comes with great recommendations! Thanks guys!

Why am I ALWAYS on the floor with my legs in the air, and Gertie is ALWAYS standing on top of me?! (I like to play the victim, but she knows I could floor her any time I like.....)

You see, I've got my paw over hers just to keep her in check - cheeky pup.
Oh yes, it's me again! I'm not so sure about this close-up lens....!
Haha - now just look at this photo below.... What am I supposed to make of that?! That's my little sister Gertrude trying to toy with me. First she slowly crept towards me ready to pounce (I just lay down in readiness watching her trying to creep up on me - as if!) and then suddenly with a little jump and a prance she thinks she can charge at me! She is such a funny pup. We had a bit of a wrestle and a chase, which seems to be her favourite past-time.

Other big news!
A couple of weeks ago mummy took me over to a house in our town to meet Shane, a new little Dale puppy who has just moved in! We played together in his garden for a long time until he was exhausted - he has some great toys! He was a cutie pup and kept trying to jump on me.

Here's Shane with his owner below. And me, trying to be a good Airedale and set him a good example. We will introduce him to the Gertster another day.....!! Hahaha!
Hopefully when he's a bit bigger we can all go on a walk together and have a proper race around.

Look at him go - the flying pup!
Well, that's about it for now.

Lots of love from

Molly and Gertrude