Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Gertie is honoured!

Well, what should we say??!!

It seems little Miss Gertie has a following......

Thank you Leura Dales for naming your very special Airedale Stuffy in Gertrude's honour - little Gertie's mini-me looks adorable and very at home with the Leura Dales: http://www.leuradales.blogspot.com/

THANK YOU! Welcome to little Gertie!

Sunday, 26 April 2009

This one's for you GooberStan!

Hello - it's Gertrude!
We've had requests for more videos and piccies of us with our cute lil' boy Ptolemy
How could we turn that down?!
Here is the Buddha Boy in an Airedale sandwich....heehee

How can you resist that cheeky grin?
Yes, it's true, I love being near to Ptolemy and I love him being near to me.
I follow wherever he goes - it's nice to share every single minute. I even like listening to stories about farmyards and tractors and little lost lambs - I'm just a big softy you see.
I don't mind if he climbs on me -
it's like being stroked and loved and cuddled all at once, and I'm always up for that!
Most of all I just like spending time with him - he's got a alot to learn from me, and he teaches me about things too

Just look at these video clippettes -
I've never had such a captive audience!
He loves it when I snuffle into him - just listen to him laugh!

Molly's in the background just waiting until I'm free for some proper wrestles -
but first there is some serious tickling to be done!

And finally, there's nothing better than a nice snooze and an ear scratch - you can see that Ptolemy knows just the way I like it.

He has found my ears and I think he likes them!


Love Gertrude and Molly


Friday, 17 April 2009

Just for you nanna......

Hi guys!

We have let K and P take over our blog just this once so that they can post a couple of cute videos of our little boy. Nanna and Papa John live in Australia a long long way away so they haven't seen our little boy yet in real life. Instead, they can hopefully watch these videos....!

They are pretty cute - we like the second one best!

Ptolemy is 6 months old tomorrow!

Love to everybody else watching too


Love Molly and Gertrude


Saturday, 11 April 2009

Our little boy is growing!

Once again it's been a long while since we wrote on our blog - we are terrible! But we are also terribly busy with our little boy Ptolemy, so we have a good excuse :)
He is growing up fast......

Gerta still likes to protect him - she is his advisor, confidant and general buddy

We'll never know what secrets they share..........

OK, I'll admit I rather like him too -
he certainly seems to think I'm funny when I snuffle in his ear!

Yep - that's Gertrude again - always by his side

Our little boy is getting so big he is even having guitar lessons from daddy!

We clubbed together with him on Mother's Day to buy Kate some nice flowers - aren't we a good bunch?!

Of course we still get out and about - Ptoly comes along for the ride too in his own special Buddha-boy throne

Oh look, here we go again -more piccies of the camera luvvies Gertrude and Ptolemy! Gerta will put up with anything from him, she's so in love......

even THIS!

So that's our happy chappy boy!

But what's this - a THIRD Airedale?! Yes, that's Shane on the left - he is our friend who came to stay with us as a puppy last year - do you remember? Well, he came to stay again, this time for a whole week!
We had a lot of fun showing him all our favourite haunts

Did you know I like to climb trees??

Gert does too - but only flat ones - heehee!

What's this - a FOURTH Airedale....??!! Surely not!
Meet my alter-ego - he's a lazy old boy, just snoozing on the decking.
Haha - almost fooled you - but this Dale only comes out when I have an airecut....it's made out of my fur! You may have noticed we were getting a bit shaggy and all hot and bothered, so daddy got his clippers out for our spring airecuts. Mummy was supposed to be helping by clearing up the fur - but instead this is what she came up with!
Then again, we're not averse to a bit of Dale Art ourselves....what do you think of our modernist take on the beautiful Airedale form?

So, carrying on, with all our furryness now gone we were up for some serious fun with Shane!

He joined in with our 'dale'y patrol

And came with us on all our walkies

We love this place - all the river a girldale could ask for!

Shane in hot pursuit of Gertrude

Hey - he even came with us on our walkies to the shops!

What is it with Gertrude and her soppy mothering instinct?! Shane decides to take good advantage of this and snuggled right up with her!

Hey - even I like a bit of a snuggle with the Gertster from time to time. OK, I know I'm only using her as a rubbing post for my itchy ear...but she doesn't know that! She's always compliant!

It looks as though the love is catching.........what do you think Shane is saying here? I like to think he was thanking mummy for having him to stay.......but actually he was trying to lick any remnants of BBQ from her mouth!

Mmmmmm - BBQ................!!
Mummy, Ptolemy and Gertie

Sometimes, it was good having a third Airedale around - I recruited him to help me gang up on Gertrude - what do you think of our campaign?! Don't feel sorry for poor old Gert in the middle though - when we wrestle it's usually me on my back with my legs in the aire!

We think Shane enjoyed his stay with us - he certainly looks chilled out.

Now, I leave you with this short video clip - it's like counting sheep!!

Thanks for visiting us again - have a great Easter everybody!
Lots of love from
Molly and Gertrude