Saturday, 15 November 2008

Our new brother!

Meet Ptolemy Saxon Templar Torney!!

This is our new baby brother who was born on 18th October 2008

Unfortunately, things did not go very well and mummy ended up having surgery and being in Intensive Care and hospital for 2 weeks.... both she and Ptolemy were very ill and very nearly didn't come home at all because there were lots of complications...... She is very lucky to still be here with us.

...but gradually mummy got better and after a few days she was able to go and meet Ptolemy for the first time (he was in the neo-natal unit because he was poorly too)

She had to be wheeled across the hospital attached to all the machines just to go and meet him

This was the first time that mummy could see Ptolemy - he was on a cooling mat and she wasn't allowed to hold him, but she could stroke him and say hello.

Slowly, Ptolemy also got better.....But mummy still didn't come home. Every lunchtime and evening daddy would come alone and we wondered where on earth she was. When he brought her washing home we sniffed and sniffed it and wished she would come home soon.

Then, one day she did come home! And they brought Ptolemy with them! This was the first night home. Gertrude immediately took to motherhood - she is fascinated by Tolly and is quite happy to curl up with him and keep him warm.

This is me, Molly - keeping an eye on the strange little creature whi makes funny noises.
And here we both are keeping guard!

Both mummy and Ptolemy have got a lot better and we have been on some trips out with the Mountain Buggy.....

We've had LOADS of visitors - one of them was this lovely girl called Holly and I loved her - she was great fun!

Throughout everything daddy has made sure we still get lots of walks and fuss.

Ptolemy is now 4 weeks old! He is really starting to look like a little person - and goodness does he make a lot of noise!!

He likes his bouncy chair. We like to sniff him when he is in it.

Gertrude is like his Guardian

We can also take him out with us on big walks in the countryside, which we love of course!
Over all, he's not a bad little brother - in fact he's quite cute really, but hard work....

Finally, we are all one big family again and things are getting better and better every day! Mummy has a way to go before she is back to her normal self, but she will get there eventually.
We are quite happy as you can see!
Lots of love from
Molly and Gertrude