Monday 21 April 2008

Back home!!

Well - three long weeks are up and it was finally time to leave the Thuglet Basecamp - sigh.
We have had such a great time with the Thuglets and K and A - they have all been so generous to us and made sure that we had the best holiday ever!
THANK YOU THUGLETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(and thanks to everybody who went to visit us on their blog - didn't they take some brilliant photos??!!)
Here I am on the long trip home watching over daddy's shoulder just to ensure he knew his way home......
Well - 3 weeks of raucous playing in the mud with 6 Airedales can have its toll on girls like us - so when we got home we had a warm soapy bath. Actually, we did smell rather nice and weren't too dirty at all, but you can't beat a good bath to make you all fluffy and cosy again after a long journey.
I leapt into the bath and curled up, waiting for the fun to begin - can you see my huge smile??!!
Gertrude waited patiently for her turn to go under the shower!
But don't worry Thuglets, I've reserved a small amount of special Thuglet mud under my left paw so that I can lick it now and again and remind myself of the fun we all had together....
That evening we were so tired. Everything suddenly caught up on us and we slept and slept for as long as we could. We were both a bit confused and bewildered by our adventures and took a bit of time to adjust to being back home.
Whilst they were in Australia, our mum and dad met up with Noah and his sisters, Brooke (Opy's mum) AND Jo and Tim who are Ellie and Baz's pawrents!
Jo and Tim sent us some amazing squeaky toys - one is a kangaroo an the other is a koala -
THANKS so much, they are brilliant!
Come on, just let us play with the toys!!
Gertrude rather took a shine to the Koala!
AND the Thuglets sent us home with some toys too - we are so so lucky you wouldn't believe it!
We loved playing with the Thuglet's pink hedgehog so much that they gave us our very own hedgehogs - one pink and one yellow!! They make a great noise and are such fun!
As you can see, I am quite fond of the hedgehogs....
I love this pink one!!
There was also this strange looking creature called a wombat.
It isn't for us (yeah right...) but we still tried to see if he would play with us.

(He wouldn't, by the way - boring wombat)
I wasn't so sure about Mr Wombat....

Aaaaah - back home and chilling with daddy.
We have had such an event-filled 3 weeks that we need a bit of time to just recover our breath.
We have so many lovely memories and I know I'll be dreaming of Thuglet Towers for a long long time.....
So long Thuglets - thanks for the fun and for the great howling opportunities!

This video is really funny - here we are meeting Wally the Wombat for the first time....
Hmmm - not too sure about him at all.
(warning, I do bark quite a lot - and Gertrude just does some silly waggy tail dances)!!

With lots of love from
Molly and Gertrude