Saturday 31 January 2009

Tolly's Tummy Tub!

Wouldn't you just LOVE a go in one of these...?! It certainly beats the cold hose-down in the garden that we have to endure - huh!

Oh well - at least we get to snuggle up to him afterwards, even if he does smell all clean and soapy.

Love Molly and Gertrude


Thursday 15 January 2009


Hello Everybody!!!
We have been very busy with our new little brother and we thought it was about time for an update!

We had a lovely Christmas and we hope you all did too!

Ptolemy just loved looking at all the Christmas lights and we just loved posing with him.

Gertrude is the best baby-sitter ever - she really loves little Ptolemy and likes to keep a close eye on him
He never seems to mind about us two huge bears walking around him and sniffing him. We are very careful when he is around.
I wonder what he thinks of having us as his big sisters?

Here's Gertrude again in her new role which she clearly adores. She can't wait until Ptolemy can run around after her!

Sometimes she steals a quick kiss.....

But mostly she just likes to cosy up to him while he gabbles away at her.

Here we are with our daddy and Ptolemy

He is quite a cheeky little thing and is very funny to watch when he starts laughing and squaking!

He does some strange things and never keeps still!
He provides constant entertainment for us.

Our mummy is now a lot better and is back to her normal self - yippee!

She takes us all out together for walks when daddy is at work. Ptolemy comes too - he comes everywhere with us now!

Sometimes he is quiet though, and even our barking doesn't wake him up!

What a cutie!

Oh - take that back.....What a grump!
(perhaps he didn't like wearing that funny hat!)

We've recently enjoyed some great walks - daddy always finds us the BEST sticks to throw into the river!

Molly can retrieve any stick from the river!

And that's us!

One more thing - we have heard that our nanna in Australia has adopted a dog that arrived one day on her front door-step and is now staying for good! Aussie Nanna thinks she was dumped - poor girl.

She is called Kelly.

Good to see you!

Lots of love from
Molly and Gertrude