Saturday, 15 November 2008

Our new brother!

Meet Ptolemy Saxon Templar Torney!!

This is our new baby brother who was born on 18th October 2008

Unfortunately, things did not go very well and mummy ended up having surgery and being in Intensive Care and hospital for 2 weeks.... both she and Ptolemy were very ill and very nearly didn't come home at all because there were lots of complications...... She is very lucky to still be here with us.

...but gradually mummy got better and after a few days she was able to go and meet Ptolemy for the first time (he was in the neo-natal unit because he was poorly too)

She had to be wheeled across the hospital attached to all the machines just to go and meet him

This was the first time that mummy could see Ptolemy - he was on a cooling mat and she wasn't allowed to hold him, but she could stroke him and say hello.

Slowly, Ptolemy also got better.....But mummy still didn't come home. Every lunchtime and evening daddy would come alone and we wondered where on earth she was. When he brought her washing home we sniffed and sniffed it and wished she would come home soon.

Then, one day she did come home! And they brought Ptolemy with them! This was the first night home. Gertrude immediately took to motherhood - she is fascinated by Tolly and is quite happy to curl up with him and keep him warm.

This is me, Molly - keeping an eye on the strange little creature whi makes funny noises.
And here we both are keeping guard!

Both mummy and Ptolemy have got a lot better and we have been on some trips out with the Mountain Buggy.....

We've had LOADS of visitors - one of them was this lovely girl called Holly and I loved her - she was great fun!

Throughout everything daddy has made sure we still get lots of walks and fuss.

Ptolemy is now 4 weeks old! He is really starting to look like a little person - and goodness does he make a lot of noise!!

He likes his bouncy chair. We like to sniff him when he is in it.

Gertrude is like his Guardian

We can also take him out with us on big walks in the countryside, which we love of course!
Over all, he's not a bad little brother - in fact he's quite cute really, but hard work....

Finally, we are all one big family again and things are getting better and better every day! Mummy has a way to go before she is back to her normal self, but she will get there eventually.
We are quite happy as you can see!
Lots of love from
Molly and Gertrude

Monday, 13 October 2008

Molly's 4th birthday!

Hello everybody!
Yesterday was my 4th birthday!
I didn't get any presents or cake this year, BUT I did get to eat the remains of an inside of a pineapple! I love it.

I let Gertrude have a nibble too.
Well - our little brother didn't make an appearance yesterday when he was supposed to, so I got to keep my birthday as all mine, mine, MINE! We are just waiting now for him to arrive.....
K took some pretty birthday photos of me now that I am 4 years old.

Can you guess what K said to me JUST before this photo was taken...??


Daddy has just built us a new gate and here he is showing us his handiwork. He is so clever.

Finally, we have a new cat in the neighbourhood who keeps coming into OUR garden and sitting there staring at us! So our cat vigilance has been stepped up! You can never be too safe.....

We'll let you all know when our baby brother arrives......

Love Molly and Gertrude


Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Not much longer now...!

c. 12 days to go..................!

As you know, Gertrude and I have been very interested in all the new things arriving in our house. This funny basket thing moves and there are some very interesting noisy toys inside it that we have our eyes on...!

We are practising our guarding skills - I wonder, do you think we should drag our beds up here too so that we can be on constant baby watch??

You see - I told you there were interesting toys everywhere - just hiding from us!

Here I am checking on everything in the nursery

And look - just some of the Airedale pictures that baby Torney will be able to look at!
It's a peaceful place.
Our Aussie Nana made this great quilt for the baby - it is really clever and has little mice and flowers and toadstools all over it. We are hoping for similar blankets for our own beds.....

And some other friends made these sweet little clothes. We think those mittens look really cosy - do you think they'd fit us?
So - 12 days to go.......
AND 12 days to go until Molly's birthday!! Yippee!! I hope that they don't forget what with everything going on....
Mummy finishes work this Friday and then she'll be home with us for 9 whole glorious months!!
Lots of love from
Molly and Gertrude

Monday, 8 September 2008

Happy Birthday Gertrude!!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday dear Gertroooooode......

Happy Birthday to you!

Well - today was Gertrude's 2ND birthday!

Mummy made her a yummy liver and garlic cake....

Gertrude was so keen to eat it that she singed her beard on the candles!

(no harm was done by the way!)

Enough of these photos - let us EAT it!!

Come on then - cut the cake.....!

Is your slice bigger than mine??

Can we eat it yet?

Come on then! -this is torture!!Then mummy put the cake away - what a spoilsport! I tried my most pleading look to get her to change her mind (on behalf of the birthday girl of course!)
I even kept guard of the cake all afternoon - again, all for Gert's sake.....

Please Sir....can I have some MORE.....???!!!And here is the birthday girl - looking pretty pleased with herseld after her scrumptious treat. Who needs presents when you have got liver cake and a big red special birthday bow to wear!
Happy Birthday gorgeous girl

Lots of love from Kate, Paul and Molly-moo


Sunday, 7 September 2008


We haven't updated our blog for a while - so here's a quick taster

of what we have been up to!

We've had LOTS of great trips out - daddy took us to Dartmoor one day and we walked and walked and climbed and ran and had a wonderful time.

We especially love climbing on the rocks.

Molly is always the King of the Castle

Surveying the wilderness
Some horses came by, so we kept watch from afar
Another day, mummy took us to the local park to play with some of our doggy pals Alert Gert!

We love meeting new friends

Sometimes our old frined Chester the Airedale comes to this park, but we haven't seen him for a while now. He is very slow and old and has trouble with his hips, poor thing.
Here's daddy giving us a little lecture on how to use the baby equipment. This is apparantly a seat for the car - now we both know how to strap little baby Torney in so we'll be able to help out if neccessary.
We listened very hard and had a good sniff - just to be sure we understood properly

This is our mummy THREE weeks ago! Blimey - you can imagine how big she is now! We are worried she is going to burst.

Here are some photos of baby Torney's nursery
There are lots of toys....we're sure he wont want to play with any of those for quite a while.... Do you think WE could instead??

There are quite a few Dale pictures around the place - this little baby is going to grow up loving us Dales of course!!

Mummy drew this little picture of Molly sitting in our front door for Baby Torney - we hope he likes it.

Well - bye for now!
Lots of love from
Molly and Gertrude