Thursday, 27 March 2008

What a special birthday!!

Well - here it is! Our little sister/brother.......
Apparantly it wouldn't keep still and kept leaping about, but then curled up all sweet for the photograph.
You can see its head on the left and a hand on the chest, then a little foot sticking up on the right - it is tiny!
AND the best bit is.........
We now know it is due on
MY 3RD BIRTHDAY!! (Molly's)
12TH October!
I always knew I had the best birthday in the world and I really hope we can share it.
Imagine the joint birthday parties....
Well - we are all off tomorrow to far flung places, so for the next three weeks you can catch up with us over at the Thuglets blog!
See you!
Love Molly and Gertrude

Sunday, 23 March 2008

BIG News!!

Hang on...........

..........something looks suspicious here.

I tried to ask Gertrude to investigate with me

but she just sulked and refused to join in.

Well - the news is out - our mum and dad are abandoning us for THREE WEEKS and going all the way around the world to Australia, where our daddy is from.

But - it's not all bad.....because......

Guess who we're going to stay with for the whole time????



How could we not have fun with these great Dales and their lovely humans??

(we are so lucky!)

But, that's not all. There are also some other strange things going on around here.
For one thing - why are all these toys appearing in the attic room?? That's MY sanctuary, where I like to go for a bit of peace and quiet.

Are they for us?!!

Somehow, I doubt it. But they look like great chewies!

Hmm - there is news of us getting a new 'puppy' brother or sister to play with, but it wont be quite as hairy as us and we hope it wont have a beard. Mum has been collecting these toys for a long long time now, but we have never been allowed to play with them. I hope this new little sister/brother will share with us!
There's talk of all this happening at the beginning of October - hey, that's MY birthday!! Wohooo!
On Thursday, we get to see a photograph of this new little person which will be really magic - I wonder what it will look like?
Well, that's enough news for now -
Take care
Molly and Gertrude

Monday, 10 March 2008

Crufts and Dartmoor - all in one day!

Aren't these flowers gorgeous? Our mummy was given them on Friday by the people at work because she was moving to a different office - they smell lovely!

On Sunday we decided to go for a romp on the moors. We went to Princetown which is famous for its huge grey prison that looms out of the mist on the moor. What a place to be locked up!

Still - we felt free as ever with so much space to run and play!

We came across this funny little canal on the moor - it used to serve some tin workings further up, but they were now all dismantled and only the ruins remained. There was a cute little bridge that we ran across several times!

There's always an excuse for a bit of rough and tumble, even after a long walk....

And there's ALWAYS an excuse for getting wet and muddy!! The weather kept changing from sunny to rainy to hailstorms back to sunny - it was really strange.

When we got home daddy thought it was well and truly time for us to have a shampoo......

Here we are afterwards ready to get nice and cosy for an afternoon infront of the telly to watch...


Now Crufts has got to be one of our favourite shows - and we only get to watch it once a year!
We loved to watch the agility and fly-ball events.....

We also loved to watch Ben Fogle!

When it got really exciting we both rushed to the screen to cheer them on!

We were very happy to see one of our Planet Airedale friends WIN best of breed - she is sooo famous!

The last photo is of Gertrude looking rather wistful. We think she was planning her day in the big lights of Crufts....keep dreaming Gerta!!

Molly and Gertrude


Monday, 3 March 2008

For the Thuglets

Dear Thuglets,
Don't worry - we do get muddy quite a lot!!
It's just that the camera doesn't come out all that often when we look like this......!

We love a bit of mud as much as the next girl!

(Gertrude even wades in the stuff and drinks it when she gets the chance)

So, we'll love getting muddy with you guys - no fear!

Love Molly and Gertrude


Sunday, 2 March 2008

Day out in the forest

We found the forest that Mojo always goes to - it is 5-minutes
away from the other woods that we always go to, but it
is always nice to find new places to go for a run!
(we didn't see Mojo there though - sigh)

Like Mojo said - it was very VERY muddy!

Suddenly, we came across this fallen down tree - it had been snapped off the very top of a tall tree in the strong gales the night before. There were sticks and bits of tree everywhere!

We tried to eat it out of the way - but that was going to take a long long time.

Then daddy started trying to scare us with the Tree Monster - but we're not stupid.....(see our video below!)

Alas, when we got home we were so muddy that the inevitable happened....

Just look at my sorrowful eyes, how could they do this to me??

Below is our video of daddy being a stupid Tree Monster.

I mean - who does he think we are??

Love Molly and Gertrude