Friday, 5 February 2010

Aussie Aussie Aussie......

Who is this with Molly? And where can she be?? Hmmm - want to know on!
Clue - Buddha Boys can FLY! And so can we!

(oh yes, and Ptolemy has taken up bare-back riding with Gertrude....)

Goodness, we have no excuse whatsoever for being such bad bloggers and we are sorry we've been away for a while. Time has just ran away with has got in the way....our little boy has kept us pretty busy....oh, and just the one other small thing -

organising our Big Move to....


In fact, Molly and Gertrude are already in Melbourne! They flew here on February 2nd and have begun their 30 days in quarantine waiting untilwe arrive. We fly out to join them (not in quarantine...!) this Monday 8th February and we are heading for Tasmania. Everything we own is currently in a container out to sea making its rather more slow progress to the other side of the world!!
Paul is Australian and we have finally decided to make the move back there. We sold our house last September 2009, moved in with Kate's dad and had to wait until now whilst Kate finished everything she needed to do to qualify as a solicitor - but now she has completed everything we are free to go!

Ptolemy is doing really well. He is 16 months old now and is a lovely little boy. He and the girls get on so well and he will truly miss them in these next few weeks.

I haven't been able to arrange these photos into the right order, but oh well - you can work it out!

Sue Forrester and Bill Molyneux visited us in qarantine the day after we arrived in Melbourne! They are wonderful people and they took these photos of us sussing out our new environment and to let everyone at home know that we are doing really well!

Gertrude at the fence.....

Bill soon worked out exactly what makes Molly tick - tummy rubs!!

We felt so at ease with Sue - she understands Airedales completely

Tummy rubs and cuddles - we could get used to being quarantine in Australia!

Now here's our little Buddha boy with daddy on the beach back in the UK a month before we left for Oz - you can see he is growing up.

Christmas time - Ptolemy in his jim-jams

Our final run on the pebbles at Budleigh Salterton on January 2nd 2010
Now this is how much our little boy loves us - we are big woolly teddybears to him (well, not since we had out airecuts, but he still loves us!)

Fun in the sea at Budleigh Salterton

Molly's nostalgic pose

sharing sticks with Ptolemy

The amazing red cliffs of home
- spot the Airedale bums!
with daddy and Ptolemy looking out to sea

with mummy on the beach.

Running for the waves!
our entrepid little boy Ptolemy
So - that's us for now! Big news and Big changes. We will keep you updated and let you know how we are.
G'day to you all!
Molly, Gertrude, Kate, Paul and Ptolemy