Friday, 6 February 2009


What would you do if you were out walking in the forest and came across....
Aaaaaaaaghhh! Run..........!!
Is it Snow Bears....or Yetis....

Nope - just us Snowy Dales - far less scary when you know us.....heehee

I make rather a pretty Snow girl don't you think!

Gert was working on an impressive snow beard

We were so excited we wanted to get out to play! It was Gertrude's first snow ever!

Come on then - stop taking photos!

So we went to the park and met lots of other folks out having fun

This was us before it got really deep in our back garden - WHY is Gerta lying down??

It was Ptolemy's first snow too - we think he was also trying to be a snow bear, just like us!

Rugged up snuggle baby

Snow fun !!

Snow fights!

The next day it was less snowy - and we took the Mountain Buggy down into the park with us

Tolly didn't seem to mind the cold

We are so glad we have our woolly coats at the moment

Daddy found a HUGE snowball that somebody else had made - we didn't know what to make of it. Watch out Molly, he's coming for you....

Is he trying to roll us up into it too!

Where's Molly gone?? Is she in there?!

We have decided - we love the snow!

From some very happy snowy bears
Molly and Gertrude

Monday, 2 February 2009

Airedale Fun Walk!

Ooops - we completely forgot to mention in our last post what an amazing time we had when we met up with some Airedale friends recently for a nice walk by the river!!

There were six of us Airedales (Gulliver, Shane, Roxy, Molly, Gertrude and Beau) and Izzy the Border Terrier - we had a fantastic time!

Let's Go!!

Gulliver, Roxy, Gert and Molly practice their flying skills!

You can't beat a river, a few sticks and a gang of Airedales for the best day out ever!

Gert and Molly racing, as usual!

Gertrude, Gulliver and Molly do a river dash

Stick time!

Here we all are - six Airedale behinds!

We all had a great day and finished it off with a beer and a bacon sandwich in the pub by the river - perfect!
Love Molly and Gertrude